Monday, February 9, 2015

Henge Book Review

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In the book Henge by Realm Lovejoy, the protagonist Morgan Le Fay is a not so average girl from the U.K whom lives in a world of magical powers which are elemental. Morgan's elemental power is fire and she tries to win the magic contest to be the Maven of her generation. She wants this position so that Prince Arthur will avenge her mother's death as well as change the law so people with magic powers will not get the death penalty for using their magical powers of their own right.

I truly love how everyone was using their magical powers, like When Morgan got mad she could feel the fire in her veins, and when she met the Maven he lit a cigarette with one finger, and that’s just the fire element, there is also water and wind. One of my favorite all time magical powers is when the water powers were used by the boy Merlin. He amazed the crowd in the beginning when he made a ball of water turn in to a bird then into a flock of birds which I thought was really cool because he did it all with his eyes closed and it started out as a small puddle of water. I also like the gray Knights even though they captured the magic users whom didn't have a license to use it, they were a pretty bad ass squad. They were basically the SWAT team for magic users that also worked for the King and Maven. This book really reminds me of the show Avatar The Last Air Bender, except they could control water, earth, fire, and air and some could control all elements.

Realm Lovejoy did a spectacular job on this book it was detailed so well it felt like I was sitting on her shoulders watching and feeling everything, it also reminded me of the Hunger Games with a spin off attitude of spy kids. I really love this spectacular book and I give this book a whopping, flying 5 stars ***** and two thumbs up.